Why Kaleidoscope?

The word derived from the Ancient Greek means “Observer of beautiful forms”. Everyday at Kaleidoscope we are privileged to have the opportunity of “observing beautiful forms”.

Here are a few recent celebratory ones:

The small business owner/manager in inner Melbourne that received business coaching and finally moved from survival to sustainable with some effective strategic planning and a workforce built based on the premise of the right job person fit rather than “jobs for friends”.

The manager from a government department who said his business coaching experience was a “watershed” in his life. He started to manage himself better and see results through the efforts of his team rather than doing it all himself.

The HR Consultant who, after graduating in 2009,was relatively new to her HR career. She said that she was not all that confident in her HR consulting skills. This was not helped when at a networking event, upon learning that she was a Human Resources Consultant, two Executives in their 30’s, replied ”Oh you mean personnel, the touchy feely stuff”. She was appalled. She thought the view of HR practice had come a long way from the days of “personnel”. She was crestfallen but with some business coaching has taken actions that have shown her resilience and determination to partner with her organisations management to help HR make a strategic difference.


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