Coaching Skills for Leaders & Managers Training Programs

How well do your managers engage with people?

Although a manager needs many skills to succeed, the ability to communicate and engage effectively with others is number one. People who know how to actively listen, give feedback constructively, coach, grow and support their team achieve greater commercial outcomes time and again. That’s where Kaleidoscope Consulting’s “Coaching Skills for Leaders” training programs come into play.

Introducing “Coaching Skills for Leaders & Managers”

Our Coaching Skills for Leaders & Managers training programs were created in direct response to requests for managers to improve their people engagement skills and style. All participants will:

  • Learn the fundamentals of coaching
  • Realise the benefits of coaching to create high performing teams and cultures
  • Practice effective interpersonal skills that can be applied immediately
  • Engage in feedback and reflection to enhance self-awareness

Who should attend?

Our Coaching Skills for Leaders & Managers training programs are designed for people with management experience who want to improve the way they lead and develop others.

From a broader perspective, the program helps organisations realise the potential of their leaders and learn how to engage, attract and retain the best people.

Coaching Skills for Leaders & Managers training programs

Training program objectives

Participants will understand and learn how to:

  • Acknowledge their coaching strengths, gaps and goals
  • Apply simple models of coaching to different situations
  • Develop listening skills for coaching presence
  • Apply powerful incisive questioning
  • Build staff responsibility and improve performance
  • Plan and undertake a coaching session

Training program structure and duration

The Coaching Skills for Leaders & Managers training program is a two-day program. The two days may be consecutive – but are ideally one week apart. That said, we aim to be as flexible as possible to meet different organisations’ needs and schedules.

During the program, participants will also work together and share ideas on real situations to help them apply their skills immediately back into the workplace.

Coaching Skills for Leaders & Managers training programs

Yes! We’re ready for our managers to engage and lead their people.