Springboard Women’s Development Training Program

Real results for women and their employers

How often do you take time to focus on yourself – your personal and professional goals, your skills and your relationships? No matter what your career stage, occupation or personal circumstances, it’s never too early or too late to take responsibility for your own development. This is your chance to become a confident, self-aware and successful woman. This is where the Springboard Women’s Development Training Program comes into play.

Introducing Springboard Women’s Development Training Program

Developed by The Springboard Consultancy (SBC) in 1988, the Springboard Women’s Development Training Program is an award-winning, highly practical three-month women’s development program.

It is designed to give women the skills and confidence they need to create a better world for themselves – at home and at work.

Delivered by an extensive network of licensed trainers worldwide, Springboard has benefited over 240,000 women (and their employers) across 44 countries.

Lisa Baker and

Lisa discovered Springboard in the late 80s while in a management role at Telstra. And before long, she became a regular guest speaker at Springboard workshops. Then in 1995, Lisa formally joined the SBC UK franchise – before bringing Springboard home to Melbourne, Australia.

Since that time, over 35,000 Australian women have participated in Springboard – delivering enormous value to their employers, colleagues, families and communities. And of course to themselves.

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Benefits to
Springboard graduates

Springboard graduates walk away with:

  • A more confident and positive outlook on themselves, their work and life
  • Improved ability to solve problems, make progress and achieve goals
  • Greater resilience to adversity and change
  • Improved focus on challenges, issues and outcomes
  • Greater motivation to realise aspirations or take on responsibility

And employers of Springboard graduates benefit from:

  • A more competent, motivated workforce
  • More effective and efficient communication and positive assertiveness
  • Improved teamwork and interpersonal relationships
  • Greater potential for self-direction, staff progression, development and growth
  • Stronger focus on diversity, inclusion and gender equity

Who is
Springboard for?

Springboard is designed for women who:

  • Want to feel more confident, get more out of life and realise their potential
  • Want to manage their professional and personal lives with better balance and harmony
  • Want to get their careers off to a successful start
  • Feel as though they are ‘treading water’ in their professional life
  • Are experiencing obstacles to achieving their goals
  • Want to boost their careers or pursue a career change

Yes! We’re ready to empower and develop the women in our workforce for greater individual and organisational performance.