Clients & Industries

For over 25 years, Lisa Baker has worked with individuals and teams to enhance their leadership skills and career performance. Kaleidoscope Consulting’s clients & industries are wide and varied, but here are just a few people and businesses we’ve helped.

Michelle Orsini
Talent Acquisition Advisor BMW Financial Services

Brings the group together

‘A fantastic, enthusiastic and motivating facilitator. You feel comfortable making statements or asking questions. She brings the group together.’

Angela Forbes
Chief Executive

‘In summary the value of Lisa Baker’s contribution to Connections is immeasurable. Significant structural and cultural changes occurred under her leadership and assistance in the roles she undertook. Her impact on Connections has been significant and has set foundations for future growth and development.’

Andrew Broadbent
Smarter Numbers Pty Ltd

High quality and cost-effective HR resource

‘Lisa’s passion and professionalism provide peace of mind for our clients while they strive to do what they do best. She is a high quality and cost-effective HR resource.’

Peter Tuohey
President, Victorian Farmers Federation

Exactly what I needed

‘Lisa helped our Board refocus on accountability and work together more cohesively. She was instrumental in helping us identify our weaknesses, develop a strategic plan for the organisation, create performance targets and hone our leadership skills. With her coaching, I was also able to vastly improve my relationship with our CEO.’

Amber Collings
Manager, Leadership and Management Development Monash University

Valued and respected executive coach at our university

‘Lisa is one of our most valued and respected coaches at Monash University. She works with our academics, professional staff and executives – and has facilitated a number of programs here including the Shadowing program for senior women in leadership and our very popular Springboard women’s development program. Lisa is warm, creative and energetic and always willing to take on a challenge.  She is a very experienced, skilful facilitator and accomplished professional. I recommend her highly.’

Barry Hemsley
Asst Director Department of Veterans Affairs

Genuinely enthusiastic about empowering others

‘Lisa facilitated a discussion on the passive-aggressive continuum and the role of assertiveness in management. She also provided several techniques for building and maintaining relationships with senior managers, which I still use to this day. Lisa is genuinely enthusiastic about empowering others – and has a dogged pursuit of improvement which motivates her coachees to work harder and smarter.’

Karyn Prentice
Member ICF Accredited Professional Executive Coach (Association for Coaching) Accredited Coach Supervisor (EMCC) UKCP Accredited Psychotherapist

Experienced and courageous

‘Lisa is a keen lifelong learner who is constantly building on her already impressive skills – and she has the courage to try new things. As a highly experienced coach and facilitator, her clear thinking, excellent planning and variety of approaches create an open and trusting environment for her clients.’

Virginia Mansell
Executive Chair Stephenson Mansell Group

Creates a safe, respectful and reflective space

‘Lisa Baker has been our Melbourne-based Coach Supervisor for the past two years. She is excellent at handling group dynamics and assessing people’s competence. Lisa creates a safe, respectful and reflective space and actively supports ownership of learning, self-reflection, risk and experimentation. She also challenges appropriately.’

Julie Spencer
Manager Staff Development Monash University

Life-changing women’s development

‘Since 2002, Lisa has delivered over 30 Springboard programs to more than 700 staff across Monash University. Participants consistently rate the program very highly – often describing it as ‘life-changing. Our staff members have achieved an extraordinary range of personal and professional goals. There has been a definite return on our investment.’