A group is not a team
(until it performs like one)

Are you looking to build – or rebuild – a strong, cooperative team that gets results?

The more diverse your team, the greater its potential. But diversity alone is not enough for sustained success. Your team must learn how to communicate and collaborate effectively and learn how to be self – coaching and sustainable. That’s easier said than done.

Time to give your team the tools they need to excel?

Whether your team members are facing challenges or coming together for the first time, our team coaching programs will help them:

  • Clarify team goals, strengths and gaps
  • Identify individual communication and learning styles
  • Overcome or avoid difficult relationships and dynamics
  • Embrace team diversity, experience and capabilities
  • Build trust, respect and accountability

Our approach to team coaching

Your Kaleidoscope team coach will follow a three-stage process to get your team on a path to sustained team success.

  1. Observation
    First we come in to observe your team interacting at work – and ideally, in a range of situations.
  2. Learning and discovery
    Using engaging techniques, we introduce team members to models and approaches to successful and effective teamwork and help them form conclusions about their own team dynamics.
  3. Action plan for success
    We work together to create an action plan for continuous improvement and team development.

Who is team coaching for?

All types of teams can benefit from our team coaching programs – including executive or leadership teams, project teams and administration teams.

Programs are particularly useful for:

  • Newly formed teams
  • Teams experiencing dysfunction or challenging times
  • Teams undergoing change

Our team coaching programs involve a series of sessions at your premises or
elsewhere as agreed.

The number of sessions will vary from team to team – but new teams usually need 3-5 one-hour sessions (with a refresher every 3-6 months).

Sessions can occur during your existing team meetings and get-togethers or we can arrange other times that suit you. All we need is access to a room with comfortable seating and enough space to break into smaller groups when desired.

Yes! We’re ready to create a path to sustained team success.