Refresh. Recharge. Revitalise.

How healthy is your perspective on work and life? Are your relationships, health, finances and career progressing as you hoped and imagined? If not, perhaps you need to set aside some time to focus on your wellbeing – and to discover how to get more out of yourself and your life.


Timely and topical, INVIGORATE is an innovative wellness program that will explore and challenge your perspective on wellbeing from all angles – work, relationships, financial and health.

After conducting a confidential survey to help us tailor your program, you and your colleagues will receive:

  • Two inspiring one-day workshops (in large and small groups)
  • An optional third workshop and coaching session
  • Program resources to create your own Invigorate journey
  • The opportunity to listen to expert guest speakers

Benefits to Invigorate graduates

During and after the program, you will learn how to:

  • Discover your circles of influence and concern
  • Examine relationships – with yourself, others and your career
  • Better manage your health and finances
  • Determine your work and life values
  • Clear ‘stuff’ to enable and embrace your future
  • Reward your own success
  • Design a new future

Who is
Invigorate for?

Invigorate is designed for people in the workplace who are ready to:

  • Reassess and refresh their perspective on life and work
  • Imagine, explore and experience new ideas and possibilities
  • Create new and improved goals

Yes! We’re ready to give our team the time and space to focus on their wellbeing.