Restore and learn through time, focus and reflection

As a coach, would you benefit from some dedicated time and space to think about your coaching?

Would you value the support and guidance of a qualified Supervisor to help you analyse and explore your professional practice and personal growth?

Why coaching supervision?

Coaching supervision with Kaleidoscope Consulting can help you develop greater insight into self and your role or practice. We can also help you resolve common coaching challenges such as:

  • Frustration with a coachee, client or team member
  • Concerns that you’re not doing enough or making a difference
  • Working out what to do when you’ve hit a bump in the road with a coachee
  • Undue influence from a coachee’s employer (or other stakeholder) that’s affecting the coaching process
  • Unexpected emotional responses (from you or your coachee)

Benefits of coaching supervision

Although our coaching supervision can help you address specific situations or challenges, you will benefit holistically too. Our ultimate aim is to empower you to:

  • Offer more to your clients
  • Look after yourself with a focus on personal growth
  • Feel confident in yourself as a capable coach
  • Develop greater self-awareness
  • Explore what is holding you back
  • Achieve authenticity through integrity
Benefits of coaching supervision

Who is coaching supervision for?

Our coaching supervision is designed for:

  • New coaches developing their own coaching style
  • Experienced coaches wanting to reflect on and improve their self-awareness and coaching knowledge
  • Coaches who are experiencing difficulty with a coachee or client organisation
  • Coaches who have doubts or concerns about the effectiveness of their coaching

Coaching program structure and duration

Programs involve a series of one-on-one sessions within a defined period of time. The number of sessions will vary from coach to coach.

We are also flexible in terms of where, how and what we bring to our supervision. It all comes down to clarifying your objectives, context and circumstances – and building a relationship based on trust, respect and accountability.

Yes! I’m ready to reflect and work on my practice as a coach.