A practical, three-pronged approach

As a HR practitioner, you are expected to perform three key roles – strategist, consultant and service professional. So to truly succeed throughout your HR career, you need to strengthen your skills across all three areas.

Focus on strategy, consulting and service

With over 25 years’ HR management experience, we take a very practical approach to HR practitioner coaching. We assist with workplace-based projects and action plans to help you:

  • Build skills across all three areas – strategy, consulting and service
  • Work with management in influential and meaningful ways
  • Make a difference in your organisation
  • Strengthen partnership capabilities

But ultimately our coaching is about… you

At Kaleidoscope, HR practitioner coaching is about your practice as well as your personal aspirations as a HR practitioner.

Who is HR practitioner coaching for?

Our HR practitioner coaching programs are designed for existing and future HR professionals at all stages of their career. We also regularly supervise very experienced professionals.

Develop knowledge and capabilities

Individual and group coaching program structure and duration

Our individual coaching programs involve a series of one-on-one sessions within a defined period of time.

The number of sessions will vary from practitioner to practitioner.

We also provide group coaching to teams of HR practitioners within organisations. Using a range of models, we adopt a systems approach to address organisation, team and client needs.

We are also flexible in terms of where, how and what we bring to our coaching sessions. It all comes down to clarifying individual or group objectives and circumstances – and building relationships based on trust, respect and accountability.

Yes! We’re ready for our HR practitioners to thrive.