16-Week Virtual Program | Four Workshops (also available in-person)

Upcoming workshop dates to be provided soon.

A phenomenally successful, award-winning program delivering real results for women – and their employers since 1988.

If you want female employees full of enthusiasm, ideas, skills, and the energy to succeed even in difficult times, offer SPRINGBOARD and see them grow – and deliver tangible benefits to your organisation.

This exceptional program empowers women to do more than just identify goals that will improve their lives; it gives them the practical skills and confidence required to take action and achieve those goals. It’s a program that supports women to be strong, resilient, and successful in all spheres of their lives.


  • Women wanting to have better holistic management of work and personal lives
  • Women starting their careers
  • Women who are professionally “treading water”
  • Women experiencing obstacles to achieving their life and career goals
  • Women who want to boost their careers, or who are about to make an important career change
  • Women who work in an organisation that is, or soon will be, making significant change.


  • Increased confidence, positivity about work and life, and motivation
  • Improved problem-solving abilities
  • Greater resilience and ability to deal with change
  • Improved focus on challenges, issues and outcomes
  • Greater enthusiasm to take on more responsibilities


  • A more skilled and competent workforce
  • Improved customer service
  • Hugely improved communications
  • Improved team behaviours
  • Better team work
  • More internal candidates for roles with greater responsibility
  • A significant contribution to your diversity, inclusion, and gender equity objectives